Timewise Bookcase

There is a bookcase that has been in my possession for awhile.  At this point it’s mine.  But it’s the kind of bookcase, or furniture, that, in my family, is never really “yours”.  There’s too much history attached to it.  For example, you can use it as long as forever, but you can’t give it away (unless it’s to another close family member).  It’s just an old wooden bookcase.

When I moved into my first apartment at the wise old age of 18, my great-grandmother gave it to me to use.  It was the first piece of furniture that she and my great-grandfather purchased together.  I romanticize it a bit as one of the first physical building blocks of their life together.  It has always had a little gleam to me because of this tether to the past, and I’m ashamed to say that I let that gleam literally dull.  The case was already worn and scratched when I got it.  Rather than buffing out the scratches and refreshing it – I painted it.  I painted that lovely old bookcase peachy pink, too.  In my defense – or maybe not, I thought it would be more of an antiqued peach.

Skipping a few life chapters, I decided that ye olde bookcase was ready to be reborn.  Only this type, not in the tawdry, peachy pink, lip-smacking mode of yore. So, in 2010, I sprayed it with this stuff that was magically supposed to thin and eliminate the paint with a minimum of elbow grease.  I sprayed through 3 cans of that filthy stuff, and it certainly thinned the paint, but not nearly as efficiently as proclaimed.  (Let’s ignore the part for now about how maybe it was me who wasn’t efficient.) When that didn’t quite cut it, I shelved the project for a year.  In the midst of planning my wedding, I decided that “now is as good a time as any” and started sanding the wealth of remaining paint.  It really came off at a good clip, too.  Still sanding, though.  Plans are to finish this part of the project this weekend. I hope to stain it the next, and have it living back inside the house, housing books and photos, and other shelve-able objects by the end of April.

It’s good to have goals.

Current State of Bookcase.
See sanded areas, shade of peachy pink (it's bleached out a bit by the sprayed paint remover.)

(This wasn’t my first venture into the world of painting old furniture, but I can definitely say it was my last – at least my last without tons of research and testing FIRST.)


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