heirloom gone wrong

The bookcase project didn’t go quite as planned this weekend.  I got as far as getting the sander out and replacing the grit sheet.  I even actually managed to sand a few shelves before the feeling of hopelessness and futility swept over me.  The bookcase remains yet unsanded and tainted from its if not glorious, at least stoic, past.

Instead I worked on the second of three baby blankets that I’m knitting for friends all due in the same general timeline. The first is more or less finished.  I used the chevron baby blanket free pattern.  Instead of the cotton yarn suggested, I used a machine washable, wool/acrylic blend, Berrocco Vintage. And I stopped at 5 colors instead of 7 to account for the larger skein size.  I’m pleased with it overall.  There are still ends to weave in and washing steps, but the knitting is done, and I’m on to #2 – the babar baby blanket.

more photos to come

don't you like how my nail polish conveniently coordinates with the yarn? it was a pretty picture.

Also knit in Berrocco Vintage. This one seemed like it would be a little on the boring side since there’s 25 rows of straight stockinette – non-knitters, think of the most mundane drill you’ve done (in math this might be your times tables, in business – sitting through so-called strategy sessions, at home – prepping your vegetables). It’s just a very basic skill in the scope of all things knitting.  However, that plain stockinette must be what I needed, because it’s going swimmingly, and I haven’t been bored at all.  To top it off, it’s stockinette in beige, so I must have needed a “break” from the patterned stitches or something. It definitely helps, that I can picture sweet little toes peeking out from under the blanket.  The recipient likes things simply and unfussy, so I can only hope that this one will do the trick.


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