Pickle Some Eggs

Pickled eggs seemed like something terrible. Right up there with pigs feet and rocky mountain oysters. I don’t know why, but they seemed to need to be made and tried this time. I’m still leery of pigs feet and rocky mountain oysters. For that matter, I haven’t tasted the eggs – but I’m hopeful that I’ll like them. I was inspired to make them by a photo of beet-soaked/pickled deviled eggs, and I found a recipe on simply recipes that seemed simple enough, and I gave it a go. I made the beets version – minus cardamom (bc I didn’t have any) + allspice and cloves.


I like this recipe, because you’re encouraged to include part or all of the beets into the pickling mixture. After one day, I tested the beets. So delicious. I have never been a huge fan of pickled beets, but I love fresh, roasted beets.

Let me tell you – fresh pickled beets are just as delicious. Sometime this summer while the beets are good – I’ll work up a batch of just beets.




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