Maizie – the very best dog

12 years after adopting Maizie, I’m convinced that she is the best dog imaginable. Now I’m facing my responsibility of deciding when her role here is over. I’ve dreaded this for the last 3 years as she started showing the signs of old age.  Her gait slowed, her vision impaired.

“There’s still some devil in her” – from the volunteer at the local Humane Society where we adopted her.  Indeed – as evidenced by the mangled shoes and tormented mini-blinds of those first few months. The privilege that has been the sweet brown eyes loving us, following our moves and guarding our lives from fearfulness. No amount of cloudiness or haze can disguise that devotion.

A spunky dog that could play with toddlers, no biting, scratching.  A sweet nanny dog who nurtured a motherless kitten so much that his grown self still “talks” to her, shares her bed, and seeks her out for his grooming or massage, we can’t always tell which.

Though her description at the Humane Society named her as a lab mix, you could tell she’s some strong shepherd. That dog wouldn’t retrieve a dog bone, but you bet she’ll run with you – up to the edge of her safe zone, then watch out. The nip in your thigh wouldn’t leave a bruise, but it would hurt. Get back in the safe zone. You’ve gone too far. funny girl.

Ever watchful for evil squirrels and possible food droppings, our squirrel guard- living vacuum couldn’t have done a better job.  Nary a crumb went uncleaned if it could land in Maizie’s sight.

A blessing for us to have this amazing pup in our midst. I hope I can be a blessing to her when her fight is gone. I hope I don’t wait too late. I see her shiver occasionally now, and I wonder. Last night, up from her own bed, she rested at the foot of mine instead. I listened to her clean her paws, deep sighs, and groans as she shifted positions.  That day is coming. I hope I can be a blessing to her as much as she has been to us.

Maizie in the Snow

playing in the snow


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