Ventures in Soapland

My first order from Brambleberry came yesterday. I ordered citric acid and grapefruit and spearmint oils for some bath bombs (or fizzles) that I plan to make this weekend as favors for a baby shower next weekend. The prices on this website were great compared to one other site I found, and way cheaper than the same stuff locally. $3-$4/lb instead of $1.25/oz. yikes!

In addition to finding what I needed with reasonable shipping (slightly more due to the flashpoints of the oils eliminating the USPS as an economy option), Brambleberry sent me a fun little sample of lavender. Perfect!!! I didn’t save any of the glorious little blooms from my own garden last year – and I’m months away from having any blooms this year. Plus, I love samples. It’s a great way to start building a relationship with a customer. The Loopy Ewe does something like this. You know, it doesn’t have to be anything much – it’s nice just to see the extra effort for an Internet retailer to make a more substantial connection to their customer.

Thanks, Brambleberry!!!

Not that I need another hobby, but if I ever need soap-related supplies in the future, you’re my first stop.

The bath bomb recipe is from a pin I posted awhile back. I gave a quick test run to the idea with my best friend and co-hostess to see if it was as easy as it looked, and we’re still stocked in little mini-muffin sized fizzies.


Here we are whipping up a batch:



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