FO: Cadence Socks

I knit socks.  I like that they are portable and relatively quick to knit, generally take only one skein of yarn, and finish with a lovely little luxury (gift for me or for others).  At this point I’ve gifted more pairs than I’ve kept.  I used one as a prize in a fundraising effort (worked wonders – I’d tried for a week to get people to donate, and as soon as I guaranteed a small sample jar of jam and a chance to win some handmade socks, I raised over $200).

I haven’t decided what to do with this particular pair. I may set them aside as a possible gift later in the year, or I may use them in another fundraiser.  It’s early summer warm here now, so it’s hard to imagine keeping them for myself, but I do love the shade of blue.  Knit with a shade of blue that reminds me of my honeymoon, my Cadence socks, a free pattern from verybusymonkey on Ravelry, may just have to be a souvenir for remember the Maui blue sea on drizzly, grey Fall and Winter days.

Sock in progress

completed, in the garden, on sock blockers

completed close up


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