Snacks – transcending the junk

Eating healthy isn’t something I’m good at doing for long stretches of time – like whole days. But, I’m trying to get a little better at it by incorporating fruits, nuts and lean proteins into my diet – especially as snacks. I still don’t believe it when people tell me that they love healthy stuff so much, and they’re so healthy that they don’t ever want the junk anymore. Liars! Ok – maybe it’s just that I’m too small of a human being to do that transcending the junk food thing. I admire those who have.

I have found that I can get lost in the illusion of not wanting the junk if I supply myself with healthy alternatives at the front of the day. My planned, anticipated snacks keep me from ripping apart my purse and the dark spaces of my cubicle scavenging for change for the vending machine (which while it does host some more healthful options, I always go for the Cheetos or the Bugles).

Today’s snack was Fage plain Greek yogurt – which would not usually have me writing anything – blech – who wants some sour cream instead? However, I added my lemon ginger marmalade to the stuff, stirred it up into the creamy, pudding-like texture that is its best, and I had a lemony, gingery, puddingful treat. And it had protein! While not light on calories or fat (I go for the 2% plain, not fat free), it does the trick with its healthy side outweighing its burden.

Most delicious, jammy goodness ever. Worth the trouble to peel and scrape the peel and segment the lemons. NO BITTERNESS.


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