Jar time mischief – Grapefruit Jam

My mom came in town this weekend due to a fortuitous conflict of business and Easter. Since the last time she was in town and scored a jar of lemon-ginger marmalade, she’s been gently hinting for more. Because she likes “stuff like that”, and we – small batch jammers – need people who like “stuff like that” to help keep our pantries unfettered (pantries – not panties!) and jars cycling around, I suggested making a batch of something together.

When I saw the grapefruit jam recipe on Food in Jars, I decided that it was simple, straightforward, and seemed to hold the promise of tart, citrus-y goodness salvaged in jar to get me through the Spring months when citrus is waning in my hemisphere.

As an added bonus, my mom sent me a case of new jars to use several weeks ago, and she bought the grapefruit.  I only invested my sugar (and eventually some pectin).

The Thermapen was on the fritz, so I had to rely on the cold saucer test.  After three failed tests, I decided that there was no more time (or jam) to waste, so I added a few shakes of the pectin jar. The last cold saucer test came up fine.  The best I can figure – being relatively new to this jamming thing – is that I didn’t have enough seeds (there were hardly ANY in our grapefruit) to procure the extra “hit” of pectin mentioned on FiJ, OR that my large grapefruit was larger than FiJ’s large grapefruit. There may be other factors that I haven’t considered, but those are the most obvious variables to me.

Jam mixture - grapefruit and sugar - with seeds in cheesecloth clipped to side of pot (for pectin).

Processing Jars - I'm not sure this is actually necessary for a high-acid jam. My mom couldn't remember my grt-grandmother doing it. Thoughts?

Yielded 4.5 pints

And, since I was feeling particularly green and clever, I saved the grapefruit parts that we would have otherwise discarded and put them in the freezer to pull out and used for quick, clean air fresheners (in a pot of water on the stove).

Grapefruit Peel - for room essence


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