Hand-woven Easter Basket

A month or so ago I saw a link on Pinterest to a tutorial on making your own Easter basket with newspaper. It looked easy, so I set aside some time this weekend to work it in. The obviously time-consuming task of cutting and folding the newspaper into strips was finished on Friday night. Saturday morning I sat down to pull it all together.


I got the strips all facing the same way.


I wove my “fibers” as instructed, including the string. I used a bit of leftover sock yarn.


It mostly looked like it was supposed to at this point. But then…


I tried to pull it together per the dear instructions. The nice lady who put the tutorial together even drew a picture. In my case, it just didn’t cut it. I was frustrated and ready to give up.


The “basket” looked terrible. My son isn’t too picky about things like this, but even I knew it wasn’t going to fly. It wouldn’t have held the goodies! No decent chocolate bunny would have lasted the night in that ramshackle basket. I was ready to toss it – the hours spent folding and folding and folding, blackening my fingers with news ink, and not knitting wasted. I just sat there looking at it. Disappointment oozed out of my fingertips, and it burned. So, I picked it up again. I tried several different interpretations of this step of the project. Rather than resort to the stapler – I pulled out a hole puncher and some pretty green ribbon I had leftover from my wedding programs. While it still wasn’t perfect – it was ferfectly punctional. And cute to boot.






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