WIP – Owl Sleep Sack

In the midst of knitting 3 baby blankets (my knitted gift of choice for babies-to-be), I decided that one of my dearest, expectant friends also needs an owl-y sleep sack for those wickedly cute sleeping infant pictures. I set aside some golden orange, Aran Silky Merino from Sundara to use. This is a single-ply yarn and impossibly impractical for something meant for a baby. But an Owl Sleep Sack is an impossibly impractical item to begin with.

I keep forgetting a measuring tape, but I think I’m about ready to begin the decreases. I have this and one more section of the baby Babar blanket to finish before the baby shower this weekend.




This is my first time successfully knitting with 1 long needle. I’m using a 40″ cable from my Addi Clicks set, and once I set it up, it was actually easier faster than dpns. Another advantage I’ve noticed with the magic loop method is that I’ve avoided the awkward ladders that I am so prone to creating with dpns. (and yes, I have tried tightening my gauge as I switch needles).


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