Fruit Salad – pretty pictures

For our family Easter brunch, I contributed fruit salad.  The fruits that I typically use for this were not in season, and it showed when we first cut them.  The canteloupe and honeydew had only slightly fragrant skins, and the fruit itself was almost crunchy – al dente I’ll call it.  With only strawberries and a few lingering citrus still looking relatively ripe, we dove in anyway. The pineapple was the right texture, but not as sweet as you usually hope it will be. Fortunately, we cut everything up and blended it together overnight in the refrigerator.  This really helped the juices of the more ripened fruits seep into the melons and pineapple.  By Easter brunch time, the salad was beautiful and tasty. No additional sugars added (nor triple sec or chambord, which is a personal favorite of mine).

Up close and personal.

the big picture

simple fruit salad was – chopped pineapple, canteloupe, honeydew (they’re layered UNDER the strawberries, halved grapes, and segmented orange). I think that this layered allowed the released juices from the juicy grapes, orange and possibly strawberries to seep into the not-quite-ripe melons and pineapple. Plus, it was just prettier this way.


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