Martha Goes Bust

As co-hostess of a dear friend’s baby sh ower this weekend, I was looking forward to trying out a new recipe from Pinterest. Well – the recipe was from allrecipes, but I found it on pinterest when I searched “white chocolate chips” (because I already had some…).

Even with the afternoon off from work last Friday, I ended up with too little time. I had to wrap my bath bombs (as referenced loosely in an earlier post, and with more information to come in a future post), finish knitting the main gift, finish knitting the ancillary gift, and pick up the petits fours – which I also thought I would be able to make myself. I still have lessons to learn about time management. What can I say?

So, as I glanced around my house, not knowing quite where to start, my husband said – I’ll make your cookies. And you know what? He did. The recipe made a few more than 40 cookies, and they were just the right amount of crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. I definitely recommend the recipe, and hope to have the chance to make it again. I might add a few more chips, though. Just because it’s pretty when they show through the dark cookie.

There are photos of his sweet hands making the cookies, because I was sneaking into the kitchen to test them out in between finishing my other projects.





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