Baby Babar in Beige

So – for the same shower mentioned in yesterday’s post, I knitted the Baby Babar Blanket for the forthcoming babe. The mama-to-be is preparing the nursery in neutrals, so I prepared the blanket the same way. Using very nearly all of 5 skeins of Berrocco Vintage, I wasn’t able to quite finish the pattern instructions. In the last section of ruching, I stopped at about Row 21. Also, I didn’t read the part in the beginning about knitting every row for an inch, instead I pursued stockinette. Since I had come so far, I reverted back to stockinette for the ending inch sequence, too. It creates a snuggly rolled edge, so I don’t think it really hurt anything.


I would make something in this pattern again, although possibly in a more interesting color, or with stripes. It was pretty boring to knit the beige stockinette. But it went pretty quickly, and I was able to wash and dry it (and re-weave ends that had come loose) in time for the shower. Keeping with the theme, I wrapped it in brown paper, and tied it with raffia and leftovers from the ancillary project – Owlie Sleep Sack.


The gift was well-received, and it’s time to finish the first one that I started knitting for Baby 2 (a co-worker friend this time, expecting her first). Then, I’ll need to start the final blanket for Baby 3. Maybe another Baby Babar – I might try the stripes, or maybe just pink.


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