Mystery Plant – True Story

Last week, I noticed something interesting in my Facebook newsfeed. Ferry-Morse Seed Company was answering people’s posts on mystery plants, and the reason I even noticed (usually – unless the word “contest” or “sale” is early on in the header, I don’t pay too much attention to my commercial updates), is that the photo posted was of my very own mystery plant. Now, I had pretty much convinced myself that it was some miracle of okra seeding/reseeding/bird droppings/etc. But, when I clicked into the comments, there was the answer: Hollyhock.

Photo of a pink Hollyhock from Wikipedia

Now, I’m not completely off my potting bench, but I might be close.  I actually tried planting hollyhocks last year and they didn’t do very much – I assumed they died.  And it’s really odd, only 2 of these have done much at all. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the blooms – and since I planted them way too close to the hot tubs, I’m looking forward to trying to start the seed elsewhere next time. Wah-wah-wahhhhh.

Seems like I remember reading that Hollyhocks are biennials. Does that mean last year and this year?  Or, since this is the first year they’ve bloomed, this year and next year?

I guess this little incident is a sign that I should start using those cute little gardening markers.

Mystery plant - clearly towering above the cover of the hot tub. Looks a little awkward. Like maybe the plant is going to join you as you soak. Just think about what the neighbors would say. 🙂

Close-up. The thickness of the plant stalk and the odd shape of the leaves were making me think I had some sort of wild Okra infestation.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Plant – True Story

  1. Hollyhocks are usually perennials, unless you have a different kind. They grow up to 8 feet tall. The hummingbirds love them. They are a great old fashioned flower. Loves the sun and heat. The seeds are easy to collect too, so you could have many more next year.

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