Mangled Feet and excuses on why I didn’t run

This week I had to travel to a convention for work. I have been to these conventions before, and I know what kind of damage they can do to your feet. So, I brought three pairs of comfortable shoes. Meaning – 3 pairs of well-worn shoes. While I tend to have very sensitive feet (sometimes I think the skin on my feet is made out of recycled paper), usually once the shoes are this worn (picture 1 year minimum of activity), usually, they don’t cause problems – even in extended wear circumstances like a trade show.

Yours truly decided that it would be a good idea to walk from my hotel to the convention center. It wasn’t very far – maybe 1/2 mile. Still, that was my poor choice. The alternative was getting a $3 cab ride – which didn’t seem right, either. Especially considering my running habit over the last two years. Half a mile walk? Easy – no sweat.

By the end of the first day, I knew I was in trouble. My feet, all-in-all felt fine, but I already had blisters forming on three spots on the top of my foot. After walking to the home-base hotel a couple of times (also only about 3 blocks away from my own) and a full day walking around the show floor, my feet were mangled. I even took a picture – but I decided against posting it. First, it’s just gross. Second, not too interested in any weirdos that might find a picture of my (mangled) foot a little more than interesting.

But I will post a photo of my lifeline. These didn’t fix my feet, but they did seem to help them from getting any worse. I typically resort to band-aids if I start to feel a rub on my feet, but I saw these:


And I knew I had to try them.

I also saw a picture of this non-rubbing, deodorant-stick-like product: Friction Block Stick

It was too late for a preventative like this at the time, so I skipped. But – I’m thinking it will be worth the investment next time. It’s painful enough to have your feet so cut up and still walk on them. It’s far more painful to have to put on your best business clothes and smile like you’re ultra-confident and full of life and energy (corporate mode in general, but infinitely more so at a trade show where everyone is watching).

All in a day’s work.

So, I used this “injury” as an excuse not to run while on travel. It’s lame. I know. Every time I glanced into the suitcase and spotted my running stuff, I had a little good angel/bad angel chat. I ended up not running until I was home, and it felt fine. My feet are still cut up, but it hurts more not to run. It hurts more to get further behind on my training. Maybe I’ll remember that next time.


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