More Columbine and an Experiment

After my work trip this week, I was so glad to see my family, but this wild little flower made me giddy. Just another picture. Same plant.


My son found a brick in an area of the garden that suffers from a bit of benign neglect. Mostly, I clean it out a couple of times a year, and occasionally I plant something in it, but haven’t had much luck getting anything to thrive other than the bed of double-flowered orange daylilies mixed with the odd iris or so. I realize that this lackluster garden is in large part due to my own haphazardness with it. Still, he found this brick – the kind with just three holes in it. The holes were almost completely filled with soil. He suggested adding some plants to it – just to see if they would grow. So we did – since the brick will probably be pretty hot and difficult to keep moist soil (plus the added challenge of not much soil at all), I suggested succulents. I just pinched off a snip from some that I had already, added a little soil to fill the holes up to the top, and now it’s watch and wait time.



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