The Old Fence to Compost Lean-To/Bin/Box Project.

We’re not exactly sure what this will look like, yet.

Since I started gardening about 4 years ago, various sources have advised that I should consider composting. A co-worker, my uncle, my friends, my friend’s neighbor/farmer, various gardening blogs…The reasons to compost are good and simple. And there really isn’t anything difficult about separating out the food scraps for compost. We already separate the recyclables.

My uncle has composted for years, and he just has a pile out in a section of his backyard.  But as you may have seen from my earlier post, we have multiple cats in the neighborhood (who would love nothing more than a new litter box – you should have seen what we had to do to our raised bed in late winter…), and other odd critters (read: raccoon) that could really make a mess of a fledgling compost pile. While I didn’t want to spend much money, if any, on a fancy compost tumbler or bin, I decided that for a compost project in our area, we would need some sort of container.

I’ve seen clever doings with reclaimed wood, scraps from pieces of furniture abandoned to the effects of curbside dumping, un-junked goodness redeemed to a karmic new life as something else – perhaps something better. And on one of my runs, it came to me.

See the wooden fence, behind the chain link fence?
Don't shoot me for how awful this picture is - I was going for a video of the two kitties, but I ended up in photo-mode instead.

This segment of old wooden fence has been behind the chain link fence in my backyard since I moved in. This fencing was all over the neighborhood at one point in the past. My dad actually reclaimed the wood from similar fencing at his house to build a sturdier fence.  The wood is in surprisingly good shape. My dad swears it’s redwood. I’ve seen nothing to affirm or contradict that, and I don’t really know what I’m looking for to determine what type of wood it is (except for cedar, in which case, I’m mostly going by smell).

Not so gifted with bringing projects like this to fruition myself (see the never-ending bookcase project), I enlisted my husband’s help. He likes working with my raw ideas and turning them into functional, pretty things. And he’s persnickety enough about measurements and leveling and order that he does a really good job creating something that will last.

On Saturday, he turned that segment of fencing into this pile of wood:

Fence boards - 15ft long fence boards.

Fence boards - another angle.

I’m hoping that the scraps that are piling up now will end up outside by the end of the week! If not sooner. Preferably sooner.


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