Happy May Day Garden Delights!

The hollyhocks have bloomed! I think that these typically bloom in the summer, but this year everything seems to be ahead of schedule.





Also, another columbine plant – I can’t remember if this one came from seed, or if it was a salvage job from the 1/2 off time period of one of our local garden’s plant sales. It’s doing well now!

and my Instagramed version of it…


All of the plants are doing well so far. Of course, so far it hasn’t hit those upper 90s during the day, not even cooling into the upper 70s at night. And of course, we’ve managed to keep up with the watering – but that gets more difficult in the summer time, too.

This is the best year I’ve had with starting the vegetable garden. I’m hoping it keeps at it, and maybe I actually get some vegetables this year.


And I still have some work to do. Three baby vervain hostata rosea to plant. I really only have a couple of spots where this plant will work, but I’m stubbornly looking around my yard to see if I can come up with something better. Usually I only leave the succulents on the patio table, but so far the basil has held its own.


And because his sweet little face always amuses me…



3 thoughts on “Happy May Day Garden Delights!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your hollyhocks and columbine are beautiful. I have not had any luck growing holly hock where I am (S. TX) I love them. remind my of my great aunt. Thanks for showing us yours. They are great !!

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