DH and Project Gravlax

I saw a beautiful post on loveandoliveoil.com with a recipe for making gravlax at home. It makes sense that you would be able to make this at home since it was originally made by Nordic fishermen in the Middle Ages – but I had no idea. It’s salt-cured (not smoked in this instance). I asked my husband to add the ingredients to our shopping list last weekend, and on Sunday, he decided to give it a go himself. He really likes working on special kitchen projects, and I could tell that he was catching the kitchen-putter bug when he mentioned that Cooks Illustrated had a recipe for gravlax as well.

Salt, Dill, Salt, Dill, More Salt, Lots of Dill.

The board and canned goods on top of the recipe, I presume, serve to press the salt and herbs into the meat.

I wish I had thought to get a photo of the salmon before the project began.

The picture below shows my honey in motion! Basting the salmon with the brine (daily).

Basting with the Brine

And In this picture you can tell how much I like it. You can really taste the dill. I expected it to taste much fishier than it does. It’s actually just like what you can buy in the grocery store (minus cold smoking), just fresher and dillier.  Better texture, too!

Gravlax on the Bagel - Preparing for Nosh


I highly recommend this recipe. Now, please excuse me while I go swish the cream cheese out of my teeth.


3 thoughts on “DH and Project Gravlax

  1. I love gravlax. I have made it many times before but I always find the salmon gets a slightly ‘washed-out’ colour and is very pale. Yours is so vibrantly red… I wonder what the difference is?

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