This is the yarn that never ends…

Yes, it goes on and on my friends
This woman started knitting it, not knowing what it was
and she’ll continue knitting it forever, just because….

I’ve been working on my first Clapotis since May 31 of last year.  I honestly thought that it had already gone through a birthday. My Ravelry Project Page reminded me when I actually started. It’s kind of funny that I started a little smack-talking with the project back then. Wish I’d dated that note, then it would be even funnier.

It would be great if this could somehow be finished before its birthday, but I’m wary of making any promises here. I’m on the decreases, but it doesn’t really seem to be decreasing. I also have a flaw that I’m hoping I can fix with a little spit-splicing.  Somewhere much earlier in the project (likely, around the time that I wrote that silly little note about my intentions all changing “this weekend” – whenever that was), I flubbed the ktbl, k, ktbl instructions and ended up with a crossed stitch, so one of the drops didn’t “run” all the way down. Before I give up, I’ll check the Rav forums, I’m sure some other Knitting Fates temptress made the same mistake (there are ONLY 19,254 projects for this pattern – gah).

Here’s a terrible WIP photo for you.  Because I thought it would illustrate it’s lovely color (the Bobby Blue Malabrigo Lace has really mottled knicely across the pattern) and perfect width and length (actually about 2′ * 6′), I decided to take a jumbled, balled-up shot of the project so far in the least-lit area of my house. Ta-da!!


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