Deuce – Baby Blanket Series

This was the 2nd of 3 baby blankets that were all due around the same time (the first was gifted already and discussed in a previous post). Shamefully, the knitting has been complete on this project for weeks. All I lacked was weaving in the ends and washing/blocking. I knit it out of Berrocco Vintage, which is a great wool/acrylic/nylon blend, appropriate for babies and new mothers’ nerves. It’s not a delicate piece of knitting.  I chose a hard-wearing, harder-washing yarn, so that the blanket could be used to tatters. There is something so special about the blankies that get loved to death.

You can’t necessarily predict what blanket or security item that’s going to be, I know. Years ago, when I finally gave my best friend’s daughter her “baby” blanket, she was well into full-blown infancy. Emily told me then that this was going to be her blanky. The one she’d snuggle with forever, even taking it with her when she’s grown and too old for it. I just don’t think we get to decide those items. We can provide a particular piece of cuddly goodness and support its inclusion in bedtime rituals, sleepovers, and overnight camp packing. We can supply it along with hugs, pedialyte, crackers, and chicken soup when the bebes are sick, but it’s what they end up wanting that will eventually fill that space. Sometimes it works. For my son, his item is a little puppy dog that his dad bought the day he was born.

This particular blanket is probably a little too bulky to be that blanket. It’s got sqoosh. Hopefully it will be used to help snuggle the wee one in on cooler afternoon walks in a stroller or as an extra cushion during the early days of belly time.  

The pattern is from Purl Soho’s Purl Bee blog. I loved how quickly the pattern knitted up. I liked the wrong side on this blanket, too. There aren’t any photos of this one, but there is a Raveler whose project shows a little of the wrong side. It looks like contrast stitching, which I thought was a pretty cool effect.

Ramping up for Tres…this time it’s for a girl, which will be a nice change since the last 4 baby items have been for boys.


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