FO: Clapotis, at last.

You know as soon as you write something like This is the Yarn That Never Ends…you are asking for trouble. While months of knitting went by with that ball barely dented, right after that post, it started rolling away like a runaway train. Like a know-it-all on her first downhill skiing adventure. Like a pitcher of margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

It started dripping off the ball so quickly that I started worrying whether there would be enough. I started out with plenty to accomplish the instructions as written. But when I got to the end of the mid-section, I just kept going. I knew I had more yarn than needed, and I knew I wanted it to be longer than it seemed it was going to be. So I kept knitting, and knitting, and knitting (over the course of months, with other projects mixed in). I started my decreases last week, and managed to wrap it up this weekend with this much left:

all that remains

Now that this monstrous shawl or stole is complete, it’s time to wrap up the spring baby blanket trifecta. I am about 80% certain that I want to make another Baby Babar, but I really loved a little Linus blanky I made from Knitting for Peace a couple of years ago. As I keep waffling over haven’t selected the yarn for that project, yet, I’m instead using the remainders of Baby Blanket 2 to work up some booties. Usually I use my favorite sock yarn remainders for baby booties and socks. These booties, out of a worsted weight yarn, seem like they would only fit a mammoth-child. Or at the very least, a child with mammoth-sized feet. I’ll try to take a picture of my usual pairs (which I have been told thrice are much too small to actually fit a baby) in comparison. I got gauge on the pattern (it’s a simple bootie, knitted flat, in garter stitch, from Bernat).

The final pictures of my Malabrigo Bobby Blue Lace Clapotis…

Even with my ultra-gentle blocking, parts of the thing felted just a bit. I was prepared for this, so while it was mildly disappointing, I’m still happy that it was as limited as it was. This image is pre-blocking, so you can’t really see it here.

pre-blocking – ends still needed to be woven.


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