Oak Leaf Lady

When I started gardening a few years ago, I fell in love with hydrangeas. There’s a gardener near here with a garden/nursery. And she specializes in hydrangea. She actually curated the hydrangea garden at our local botanic garden. When she gave me growing advice on the hydrangeas I bought for her, I took it seriously. Manure – check, coffee grounds – check, shredded pine mulch – check, plant them up a little – check, and above all don’t overwater!!! – check. I did all of those things, and my hydrangeas flourished for a couple of years. Then, they had a year where they didn’t do so well, but at least they all bloomed a little. Last year, as I was busy planning my wedding, one by one, they dropped. Not enough hours in the day to keep the running going, plan the wedding, and still keep a garden going.

In all I lost 14 hydrangeas – 13 that were relatively established. It was heart-breaking. Some of those were $5 specials that I’d saved from Walmart a couple of years before, and some were my Gardens Oy Vey hydrangea serrata. It didn’t matter by this time. They were all lovely parts of my garden shade retreat.

As with so many things, the strongest survived the heat and drought. The only ladies that remain are 2 oak leaf beauties and a climbing hydrangea that has yet to bloom (year 3 now). I didn’t have any annabelles, but I think they probably would have made it, too.

I’d like to add a few more hydrangeas to the landscape, again, but this time, I’ll do it more slowly.
1-2 at a time.

This year my oak leafs are prettier and healthier looking than ever.




And the Instagrammed version of my close-up:



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