Not Another Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Post

There are a number of Mother’s Day gift idea posts. In the past, I’ve used these for inspiration, and I don’t have anything against them. There are some great ideas to be found. The mani/pedi, lunch/shopping date, gift boutique, creams, perfumes, chocolates, are all great ideas. For those local to Memphis, this blog has some excellent suggestions – and for those not local, you can probably grab some ideas and convert them to suggestions in your locale with a little brain juice.

But, this is not one of those posts. Really. You should stop reading if you’re hoping for a listing of suggestions on what to give your mother

Since I’ve been a mom, I’ve loved every picture frame, candy box, handmade card, and Tinkerbell coffee cup that has landed in my hands that morning. I especially love the bag of Skittles that my son picked out just for me because, “Mom loves Skittles so much, she might marry them.”

I do love Skittles so much, but I would have had a hard time choosing between Orange, Red and Purple for life.

I’ve been thinking about how much I love the oddest gifts the best – I mean at that moment, I might not think so much about it, but remembering the thoughts that were shared about why it was chosen and the excitement that you can see in my son as he gifts it….Those are such lovable moments that no matter what the gift actually is, you remember it more than receiving something that you might have had on your wish list. Don’t get me wrong – I’d like a facial/massage/mani-pedi/fancy chocolates, too! There is just a little something that those gifts can’t always give. Based on that little something, here’s my take on Mother’s Day plans, cards, gifts, etc:

  1. try your best to incorporate her (your mom) and things she likes into them.
  2. if you do a card, make sure you write a little personal note in it. Just signing the card is cute. When you’re 6.
  3. if you are purchasing a gift for a child to give to his/her mom, take them with you, and let them help pick it out (children 2 and over is where I would start this, not just the more grown-up variety)
  4. all moms are different – just focus on yours
  5. for moms reading this, enjoy your Mother’s Day, too. I don’t know about you, but there’s always this nagging thought I have on Mother’s Day that I’m being selfish to enjoy it myself when I should be more focused on my mom and my grandmothers. I tell myself every year that that’s ridiculous. So, if you ever have that thought, tell yourself it’s ridiculous, too. I mean, you should absolutely honor and celebrate the mother figures in your life. But you should also enjoy it yourself.

What have been your most-loved Mother’s Day gifts?


6 thoughts on “Not Another Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Post

  1. You speak the truth, Adrienne (if that’s your name), and you’re wise beyond your years (judging from your gravitar photo). You have a nice site and a great style! Thanks for stopping by my site–I’m happy that it led me to yours. 😉

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