Trix Crispies – Tricksies?

A while ago (2 weeks ago, according to Pinterest), I saw this lovely take on the Rice Krispie Treat. We bought the simple ingredients (butter, marshmallows and Trix cereal) a week later, and I made the goodies the first chance I got.

These reminded me, as do so many things, why I chose Pimply Serfect as the blog title.  The recipe was not intuitive to me. And I know what you might be thinking. It’s Rice Krispie Treats, just with Trix cereal instead. Yes. I know.

But read that recipe and tell me if you don’t have the same reaction.  10 cups of Trix? Really? I used 5 for the 2 cups of marshmallows/butter melt that I ended up with, and I don’t think the mixture could have handled any more.  The only thing I can figure is that the cups measurement for the marshmallows is off.  I added Trix until it didn’t make sense, then pressed it into a parchment-lined casserole dish.

A little while later we tasted them. Certainly edible, but as tasty as the original photos looked? Definitely not.

They tasted stale just a few hours later. There are a number of variables that could have affected this. Maybe the Trix that we started with were not fresh to begin with, so they just went stale faster? Perhaps the recipe was right, so my Trix to marshmallow cream ratio was off, resulting in the over-absorption of the gooey stuff.

In any case, I found myself wishing for just a plain Rice Krispie Treat. Or a brownie. Or some ice cream. These Trix Treats were tricksy, indeed.

I wasn’t impressed enough with my first attempt to make these again. Or if I do, we’re going with the grams measurement (for marshmallows) on the recipe instead of the cups measurement. Pimply Serfect.


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