Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

I know I’m late with this one. It should have come yesterday, but yesterday was a blur.  And all week, I’ve been hoping I could get a good picture of what hits my mind with “blue”.

As mentioned by Robin Jean Marie of Bringing Europe Home, the first thing that came to mind for me was the blues. That’s the musical genre, not the state of mind (although you could argue that they are one and the same). For me blues music is not always blue, though. Not always blue in the down-in-the-dumps sense, anyway. The blues are gritty, dusty, lyrics full of heavy sighs and thick stories. While the blues grind out the heartbreak, failures, and misfortunes case into our lives, there’s always a little left over for the life that thumps beyond. I give you John Hiatt, from our Beale Street Music Festival party poopage. This was well before the crowd wore down my feeble nerves leading to crowd-pleasing beach ball destruction.

Beale Street Music Festival 2012
John Hiatt

If you think you don’t know John Hiatt, look him up. Prolific and successful songwriter to the stars. I personally enjoy his own bluesy, americana take on the songs.

And other blue that’s more in the nature of this week’s challenge:

Blue Hydrangea.

This is my neighbor’s plant.  I get to pass it when I run. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve killed 14 hydrangeas to date.  I’m hoping I can get another one of these going this Fall, maybe try another location. Maybe try watering it a bit.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

    • They are so sweet, so pretty, so blue! And yes, this one actually had a few that were dark blue, purplish and even one that had barely a blue tint. I love that – adds whimsy to them so that you never know what you’ll get (unless, I guess, you buy the stuff that tweaks the soil ph so that you get pinker or bluer blooms).

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