Memorial Jams part 1

This weekend, as a in-lieu-of-Mothers-Day-brunch-or-anything-else, my mom and I made more lemon-ginger marmalade. I love this recipe. Another Pinterest find…It’s the third time I’ve made it, and each time, it has set like a charm and tasted brilliant. Sweet, tart, spicy, mmmm.

It takes me just about all day to process the lemons: peel them, scrape any pith from the peel, slice the peel thinly, segment and de-seed the lemon. You only have to use 6 lemons. I’m hoping I get a little faster at it, but I think the perfection of this recipe is in the method of processing (no pith ends up in the marmalade, resulting in more focus on the tart sweetness and no bitterness.

With my mom around, processing took less than half the time. She’s really good at peeling and segmenting lemons! We used 9 small lemons. She ended up segmenting all of them because I was still slowly scraping pith from my peel and slicing them. While she kept at the segmenting, I got all of the jars and canning tools ready. We ended up with about 3 pints of marmalade that probably won’t last until her next visit. Very time intensive for the small return, but so good, so worth it.



In the winter of 2010, I chose an easier method for my first attempt, and I was sorely disappointed in the result. Using whole lemons sliced thinly and cooked into a jammy consistency, I ended up with a very bitter marmalade. It actually became a gift for a friend’s birthday, too (sorry EZ!!). I honestly didn’t know just how bad it was until I tasted this one. It also looks better. You cook it less which, leaves the color of the lemons more reminiscent of the original fruit, not the scalded brown goop that was originally created.


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