Local Gelato Containers Reborn

Our local Froyo spot, Yolo,  also offers house-made gelato. While I have never been a huge fan of frozen yogurt, their creamy, flavorful gelato offers the gastronomic gusto of ice cream with less fat.  My son loves the do-it-yourself yogurt fountains and the smorgasbord of toppings.  What his concoctions lack in visual appeal, they more than make up for in taste. This – according to a 10 year old who likes to skip a plain root beer or Sprite in lieu of the “suicide” (a little of everything all mixed together). I usually spend the time waiting for his froyo build tasting gelato and choosing from their gold standard: Mascarpone and something else I haven’t tried before.

Being Project Green Fork certified, Yolo recycles their little plastic containers for gelato, if you finish it in store.  If you don’t you can put it in the recycle bin at home. But, that just wasn’t nearly as much fun as adding some dirt and pinching off bits of succulent to start a new houseplant.

I’d hoped to eventually put together enough succulents to make a hanging succulent garden like this one:

But, I opted to not start another DIY project until I finish my bookcase.

So, I took the little succulent starts and plugged them willy nilly into the dirt-filled yogurt containers. Now they’re in my kitchen window. I need about 5 more to fill it up!


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