Blackberry Picking Fail – well not completely.

Such high hopes!

You would think that if you leave a blackberry picking trip with 5 lbs of the juiciest-looking, blackest blackberries, it would be a win.

These blackberries, lovely though they look, tasted terrible. There was no sweetness in any of those that I tasted. My co-pickers claimed to have a few that were sweet. Thinking that maybe some time spent out of the heat would help sugars condense, these were left in their flat for 24 hours. Tasting them again, I realized that they were worthless for anything except the compost bin. Big Sad Face!

The day wasn’t a total loss, though. It was just one of those where it was all about the journey. Not the end result. The journey brought us together with friends for the pickin’, took us on a hayride out to the blackberry field, gave us a row of bushes all to ourselves with plenty to pick, nice photo ops with bugs and a sweet little pickin’ helper, and a stop by the farm’s gift shop and produce stand for some excellent Cherokee Purples and little yellow mini Roma-shaped tomatoes. To top it off, we landed at Lady Bugg Bakery for a late breakfast snack and some cupcakes for later.

pretty blackberry bug

the best little blackberry picker you’ve seen. So happy the whole time.


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