Life’s a Peach

Life’s a Peach is what kept running through my head this weekend as I processed the better part of a case of peaches. A friend came over Saturday, and we experimented with our first galette. Once we realized that it’s just a pretty pie, we decided to go for 2. I kept one and she took one home. We used of the rest of the blueberries from a few weeks ago (these had been frozen) and 3 or 4 peaches. The pastry dough recipe makes enough for 3 galettes. It was in the “Make more to store” section of the cookbook (Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast baking).




We had a great time together figuring out the recipe and making sure that it turned out just so. The galette was tasty, if a little tart. Last night, my husband made a batch of cream cheese whipped cream to top it. If you haven’t tasted a variation of whipped cream like this, you need to go make it happen. It was kind of like the Heinz 57 to ketchup or the Grey Poupon to mustard. There’s nothing wrong with plain whipped cream, but the little extra tang and richness that came with the cream cheese topping was perfect for a fruity dessert.

Of the recipes that I thought I might make this weekend, well, I only managed a couple. The Texas Pickled Peaches (or in my case, Tennessee Pickled Peaches). These smelled wonderful & I can’t wait to taste them. Hoping I can pull together a salad & use a pickled peach or two to perk it up. Have you ever had pickled peaches? According to the recipe, you are supposed to cook them, then turn off heat and leave standing, covered, over night. I did this, and in the morning my peaches definitely “bloomed”. I’m concerned they bloomed a little too much as they were almost floppy by morning. I kept at it, and figure that at the very least, I could make a pickled peach relish of sorts. Giving them a few days before my taste test.



Last, I worked up the Peach Rosemary Jam recipe. This one was fairly straightforward, except for the fishing out of the rosemary. Lots of leaves had fallen off of the stems, and I made a royal mess trying to spoon them all out of the hot jam. This was a no-pectin recipe, and I’d forgotten how much longer you have to cook your fruit. Yikes. Next time I may try the apple pectin recipe that local kitchen describes. I still ended up with about 6 or 7 half pints of rosemary scented peach jam, so no major loss there. However, the jam is extremely soft set. Not syrupy, definitely has a set, but it moves. And it will slide right off a biscuit. Maybe that’s why Martha suggests serving on toast, topped with fresh ricotta cheese.



A habanero peach jam is next up. Hoping to get the peppers macerating in the peaches & sugar tonight, and can it tomorrow night. After that, I should have just enough peaches left for a cobbler.

I’m not complaining – with more peaches, I would most certainly have let some rot, but the case didn’t go as far as I’d thought it would. I think I had visions from James and the Giant Peach, but with me swimming through the peach carving out sections for a seemingly endless supply of fruit flesh and juice for my projects.

My jam shelves are nearly full. Life’s a Peach. Pimplyserfect.


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