Getting with the Program

My last run and I didn’t have a good time together.  It was the kind of run that got me down and made me think that I just can’t do it. Running & being a runner usually feels good – or at least, the finishing of a run, having run consistently, meeting goals, and being strong usually feels good.

Since that run, I have used the heat as justification as an excuse for not running. That’s changing today. I’ve seen too many crazy runners out in the heat of the day (we’re talking a humid 100+) to not feel motivated. While, I won’t be joining them on their nooners, I’ll at least work in some outdoor runs early on the weekends & evening treadmill runs during the week. The heat and I, we won’t be getting together anytime soon.

For a little extra motivation, I’ve decided to go for it with our local running club’s road race series. Hopefully this will help me keep in shape & get trained up for the St. Jude Half Marathon. While 6 months away seems like a long time, it’s really just far enough away to procrastinate my training.

How else am I going to justify eating two helpings of this mess – because I surely can’t stop at one?

Blueberry Cobbler topped with Ice Cream, topped with blueberry cobbler sauce.


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