A Moment of Clarity

For months, I’ve had odd jar bands (the reusable part of a mason jar lid) rattling around in an overstuffed and disorganized drawer. It was irritating to even open that drawer. Having to shuffle the contents of anything to find what you want seems so inefficient and cluttered.

Then, I noticed that the cabinet door that houses the rest of my canning supplies (jars, pectin, salt, funnel, ladle, jar gripper, recipe book, etc) had a short crossbeam running across the inside towards the top of the door. It was thick enough to hold a small nail without marring the outside of the door.


This stringy little solution is not a masterful feat in engineering. But it took care of my issue beautifully. The rings still rattle a bit when you open the door, but I only open it when I’m ready to use them anyway. String and a nail. How’s that for DIY?


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