National Can It Forward Day – Salsa Verde

This weekend was National Can It Forward Day. I made sure to have a few clean jars on hand. Because I’m about jammed out at the moment (nothing against the jam – everything against the splatters on my stove that turned into caramel char), I decided it would have to be something savory. Pickles – eh, just did those, and had a fermentation project in mind – not sure if that would “qualify” for the National Can It Forward celebration (since it’s not processed?). The plink, plink of the seals seemed like the best qualifier.

I’m more of a fresh tomato salsa girl. Just about every canned recipe I’ve tried (full disclosure: these are the store-bought jars), has left me feeling disappointed. So, I decided on salsa verde. I used the recipe on Local Kitchen except for the Cubanelle/Jalapeno peppers. I used a green bell pepper and several good-sized mystery peppers that had a kick, plus a cayenne pepper from my garden. The young fellow at the farmer’s market told me that my larger-than-a-jalapeno mystery peppers  were cayenne. I’m not in the habit of disregarding my farmer, but this guy seemed more like a farmer-in-training. He also looked like he was guessing. I really don’t know what they were. Not quite as spicy as a hot japapeno, but similarly shaped and a little longer. Anyway, that’s what I used. And because they weren’t all that spicy, I just chopped the ends off and put the whole things in the food processor (seeds a’plenty).

Unlike a jam, you aren’t really waiting for a set point, just for the veggie bits to soften and for the mixture to reduce down a bit. My boiled, then simmered for about 15-20 minutes before I added cilantro. After that, it boiled just a bit more and then moved to the half pints.

Can’t wait to break it open for some of our taco nights this Fall!



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