All Quiet on the Knitting Front

Knitting in my area hasn’t been inspirational lately, but it has been productive. Some knitters like having lots of projects moving at once. I tend to be a finisher. Still, there were about 4 unfinished projects that I have just about wrapped up.

First, a second Baby Babar in pink for a friend. It’s on the needles in this picture, but it’s finished and blocked now. Finished just in time for the baby’s arrival – unfortunately yet ungifted.


The second: a blue baby sweater. Knitting done. Still needs buttons. This goes to the baby who can fit it once we all leave the pits of hell summer weather.


Multiples of the ball-band ‘warsh rags’. You know it’s time for more when yours don’t have much color left and have gained a strange odor that never quite goes away once they get wet. Yuck.




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