Weekend recap 2 – Blueberry Butter

Another weekend project was this Blueberry Butter. A few weeks ago, one of our favorite, limited time vendors at the Memphis Farmer’s Market came with their amazing blueberries. Having already rocked the blueberry jam a couple of times, blueberry butter seemed like a nice alternative. Added bonus: it’s a slow cooker recipe. I started with 2 quarts of blueberries. Misreading the recipe – see the part where it says 8 cups of puréed blueberries. Well, it’s common sense, but whole blueberries and puréed blueberries measure quite differently. Unfortunately, not to my favor. So, I halved the recipe, and puréed forth.

It made an unimpressive 2 pints, but it is a simple, tasty fruit butter. My preference to apple utter for sure!


I tried to get a nice shot showing its deep violet color, but these still seem to show it black.


This would make a smashing pairing with a cinnamon bran muffin or as a schmear across a cream cheese-laden wheat bagel. Before all of that, it will probably find its way into some thick, creamy plain Greek yogurt.


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