Bits and Bobs from the Weekend

A (mostly) photo post from the last few days.

This fellow greeted me after I lifted a towel from the bathroom floor. I greeted him back with the bottom of my shoe (no, not the one I was wearing). Love spiders as predators, just not so much hanging out with me in the bathroom.

Another spidery post. Do you see him? He had a little friend on the underside of the hens and chicks. Saving their spiky world from errant mosquitoes and baby flies!

An old gift given by my best friend. I’ve never had much luck using this pretty quill. Still, it’s so pretty and unique, I hold onto it. It’s made from hand blown/crafted glass. The ink is a reddish brown color. Everything you (try to) write with it looks pretty morbid.

Motivation from a jar thanks to my local Fleet Feet store. Interestingly appropriate given the two 5k times I’d managed prior and the suffocating heat.

Bi Bim Bop from a local deli/convenience store. The Kwik Chek for locals. A special delight for a race run hard that morning. Yummy. The extra special treat was the older lady who watched me trying to mix it up (you’re supposed to mix it very well). I guess I was a sorry mixer, because she took my utensils, smiled at me, and did it for me. That’s service!


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