Belated Weekend Recap #3 – Pickled Cherries

Pickled cherries sounded strange to me. Like something I would never eat, much less take the time to prepare and preserve. With cherries on sale a few weeks ago, I decided I would go for it anyway.

bowl full of cherries

Starting with the Food in Jars recipe and modifying to include more spices from She Simmers’ recipe, I ended up with about 5 jars.

Filling the jars

A week or so later, I offered a tasting to a couple of co-workers. Call me chicken, but to taste a pickled cherry, I needed a little support. It could have gone a bunch of different ways. All in all, the verdict was positive. Definitely an item for your “oddities” tray at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Definitely not the pickle you reach for all the time, but still tasty. “Like Christmas and Summer in a jar” was one comparison.

Ready for Lids and Bands

I could see these mixed into a relish, used to top a rich vanilla or chocolate ice cream (sparingly), eaten alone as a novelty item with other pickles and cheeses on wine-for-dinner night, or cut up and served on a turkey & Havarti grilled cheese.

Next time – I think I’ll let the brine cool before I ladle it over the cherries. I’ll also make sure the cherries are cold. My biggest complaint is that there just isn’t quite enough crunch to them. Considering that cherries aren’t crunchy, I expected this, but I’m afraid that as more weeks go by, they’ll start to get mushy. Maybe not.


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