St. Jude Heroes

When a children’s hospital inspires whimsy like this:

And they live in your city, how can you not want to step in and support them?

Registering to run as a St. Jude Hero was a great experience. I had fun raising the money (if you register before a certain date, there’s no minimum). And the generous friends and family who supported my effort pushed me past my goal, not once, or twice, but three times! (Maybe because it’s a hospital for children, or maybe because I’m pregnant and the Sesame Street gang is an imminent return, but I always hear that in my head as the Count’s voice.)

Inspired by some of my favorite blogs, I crafted a fundraiser around little giveaways. The Jam-a-thon was the largest section of the fundraiser. During this, I promised a jar of jam as a “Sweet Thanks” for donating $10 or $20. I still owe a few people jam (if you guys are reading this, I haven’t forgotten about you!). Also, anyone who donated any amount at any time would be entered into drawings to win things (mostly hand-knitted things made by me). And towards the end, in an effort to help push me towards my third and final goal, my son’s youth group stepped in and made little goodie bags for me to use as an additional incentive.

Drawings are still being pulled, and I still have a handful of goodie bags. Even thought the race is over, the fundraising ends at the end of the year (30 days after race day).

Goodie Bags with Coffee, Tea, Crystal Light Packets and Candy

Goodie Bags with Coffee, Tea, Crystal Light Packets and Candy

As good as it felt to have made the fundraising effort and run a race getting some serious extra cheers for being a St. Jude Hero, it easily turns your mind to the real heroes of the story: the boys and girls who fight for their lives, the families that love and cherish them through it, the medical and support staff that make St. Jude the successful and happy place that it is, and the visionaries, like Danny Thomas, who named unreachable goals for lost causes and built a place where those goals can become promises.


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