Spartan Food Limerick

There once was a boy from White Station
Whose tastes in food were an abomination
He ate cupcakes and cinnamon rolls
And if you took a poll
He’d say crossing them ‘s better than vacation

Last week we had all had a bit of a rough day. I’m not one to medicate with food, but I do like sweets. Unfortunately, I’ve passed that along to my son. With a little proverbial medicine coming in in the form of chores, missed privileges, and more standardized testing (where you can’t even read a book when you’re done!), I thought “a spoonful of sugar” might help.

I found this recipe, saw that I had all of the ingredients*, and we went to work.

The results were not bad, but not perfect. The cupcake itself was a little dry. Perhaps due to the ingredient substitutions mentioned below, or perhaps due to distracted baking thanks to the 11-week-old who had had enough of watching and waiting by the time baking the batter rolled around. I would give these about an 84 on a test. The cake was good, not too sweet. Just a little dry. The cinnamon topping and icing were perfect. This left the top halves of the cupcakes in perfect form, with the bottom half suitable for eating as long as you have a glass of milk or cup of coffee handy.

By the end of the mixing, baking, frosting, frosting-bowl-licking adventure, the troubles of the day mellowed enough that solutions seemed more reasonable and milestones more attainable.

The lone cupcake.

The lone cupcake.

Blissful anticipation of the first bite.

Blissful anticipation of the first bite.

*All means most of the ingredients in this case. It meant all before I actually started working the recipe. Then, I got to the part where you whip up the heavy cream. Ooops. So, I substituted sour cream instead. I really didn’t quite know what to expect. Also, we didn’t have cake flour. I just used the whole wheat unbleached that we had. I’m not sure which of these ingredients factored in to the dryness of the cupcake in the end, but I suspect it was the flour. Sour cream is used in cakes rather often. Or perhaps it was the ratio of flour to liquid that was tightened without the half cup of whipping cream whipped. In any case, I would try this recipe again and actually follow the directions.


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