Liberty Bibs – just not Liberty

I had a date scheduled with my great-grandmother to work on some baby bibs. I had plenty of remainders from the bird mobile project, and I found this project on the Purl Bee blog. As a novice at sewing, there are always tons of questions, and I found in my last machine sewing project that having her there to interpret the pattern instructions was extremely helpful.

However, a couple of days went by with those fabric remainders out and ready, and I got all itchy to do something. How hard could they be? Usually those are famous last words for me, but this time the pattern was so explicit that it really wasn’t hard at all. I only had to google something once (topstitching, if you must know). And I made a decent pass at that on the first try. They’re far from perfect, but they’re still cute and they fit around my neckless baby.

Bib backing was an old white towel (freshly laundered). I hand sewed the snap, and I had no trouble following the instructions from Purl. I can’t wait to make more!

PS – The bird mobile is finally a hit. The velcro idea was nice in theory, but the sticky velcro just wouldn’t stick enough. Birds kept dive-bombing the crib, and their precarious perches promised prompt pitching. Enter hot glue gun. Now the mobile behaves as brilliantly as it should. There’s one more improvement we need to make to it, and I’m open to suggestions. It’s on a little spinner hook from the framing section at Michael’s. We need to have something that will actually make a spin. Like a disco ball motor. I’ve found those available at Amazon, but reviews suggest they spin too fast. I could see that. Any other thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Liberty Bibs – just not Liberty

  1. Great job! There is a do-hicky you can get that will actually embed snaps in fabric, but you can work up to that.

    • Thanks! Yes, I saw that at Hancock’s, but my grandmother said she had one. So, I got the hand-sew type and the mallet/press in type. I was so excited to finish that I went ahead and hand sewed them. Next time! The lady there also told me you could buy the snaps on a tape, too.

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