DIY Strawberry Liqueur

When we got a pint or so of strawberries from our half veggie CSA last weekend, I was really excited. It’s not hard to go through that many strawberries, and I was ready to experiment with a strawberry cream pie. I’ve fallen in love with one that a small pie vendor sells. They use some sort of strawberry liqueur in it, and it’s so delicious. I say that as someone who generally doesn’t like pie, certainly not icebox pies, and almost never fruit pies (with the exception of a nice tart apple or cherry). So this pie from Oh the Pie! has some kind of magic in it that not only do I like it (getting the same mini pie two weeks in a row), but I want to replicate it.

However, the strawberries in our bag were not quite ready for display on top of a lovely pie. They were very small (half a bite small in many cases), a little too tart, and just rather unappetizing looking. After several days of wondering what I would do with them, I realized that I would eventually need some strawberry liqueur for the pie, and these were perfect for that. Definitely not enough to make jam, but plenty for this recipe.

And then I started thinking about all of the other things that might benefit from a strawberry liqueur – strawberry cake, chocolate cake, lemonade, champagne, blueberry jam, whiskey sour, hefeweizen, sparkling water, fig preserves, lemon sorbet, and the ideas just keep coming.

Once the decision was made, the strawberries had ripened considerably, and a few had to be tossed. Still, plenty to use!

strawberries in wash

strawberries in wash

I simply washed the strawberries, chopped them into quarters, and put them in a clean jar. Then, I poured about 1 3/4 cups of Monopolowa Vodka over them. Instead of the tarragon mentioned in the recipe link, I added a vanilla bean, broken into about 2 1/2″ pieces.

And now we wait! Saturday or Sunday, I’ll work through the remaining steps of the recipe!


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